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Welcome to the Place Between Worlds

A realm of enchantment...featuring fantasy, fairy tale, gothic, mermaids and fairy art.

Glittering shards of eternity;
Pieces of ancient mysteries.
Remains of a long fractured Realm,
Of spirits of oak and ash and elm.
Slipping from Time and memory
Like leaves departing the autumn trees.
Ethereal wisps and shadows now,
Of Elf and Pixie or Goblin and Trow.
Forgotten by those whose bloodlines run
With histories of lands beyond the sun.
Ancestors of the ancient race;
Children of a less remembered place.
Only dreams and shades and fairytales,
Hidden in forest and darkened vale.
Whispers of legends and fabled lore
Of noble folk who lived before.
Muttering dreams of ghostly things,
With magick and secrets and fluttering wings.
Who walk stone chambers of castles old;
Or megalyths, still tall and bold.
Who dance beneath a Samhain moon
To otherworldly flute and tune.
For as long as there be hollow hills
The Fae folk will dwell among us still.

"Time and Memory"

Copyright © 1999, 2003,
Victoria S. Griffin, all rights reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction prohibited!

Latest News and Updates

06.09.07: New art has been added to the Fairies of Sea, Fairies of Earth and Fairies of Shadow Succubus galleries. There is also a new ACEO gallery added!

05.08.07: Victoria would like to announce that My PSP Tubes/Stickerchick are now contracted to handle all licensing and distribution of her digital images for PSP tubes! However, due to this new contract, any and all permissions that Victoria may have granted in the past for free usage of her work as tubes, signature tags, avatars, websets, web graphics, stationary, theme sets, journal icons, etc. are now fully revoked. The only way for you to legally use Victoria's artwork for these purposes will be by purchasing a license thru My PSP Tubes/Stickerchick. They offer both individual images or custom packages at low and reasonable cost. A bonus of buying a license is that it grants you lifetime permission (in accordance with My PSP Tube's terms of use) for non-profit use of that image! Please visit their FAQ and "Terms of Use" pages for further information.


This website and it's contents are copyright © -2007
Victoria S. Griffin, all rights reserved. Unauthorized
reproduction or redistribution of it's content is prohibited.


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