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High-strength scissors for power supply Trimming line tree barriers Safe and efficient

2018-04-25 15:27:36 CLICKS

The high branch scissors can not only be used in the pruning and picking of fruit trees, but also can clear the trees and bamboo obstacles on the road, which can provide great convenience for the staff.

"With this safe, reliable, labor-saving and efficient insulated branch scissors, the line can be easily removed."

High-power insulated high-scissors scissors adopt the principle of mechanical levers and pulleys, and integrate shearing and insulating rods. The movable insulation rods can be extended to 6 meters. It is an ideal tool for the power supply department to use the line to clear and prune tree bamboo. When it is used to cut bamboo, there is no need to run the line in a power outage. People stand on the ground and raise the high-branched scissors with insulating rods. When you cut the branches, you can easily cut the five or six-high branches. It is also easy to carry, easy to operate, and several times more efficient than ever before.