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Fence cut use and maintenance methods--Yongkang Garden Tools Co., Ltd. introduces you

2018-04-25 15:26:57 CLICKS

Use of electric fence scissors

l) Electric fence shears are designed for trimming of general hedges.

2) For safety reasons, the Ruiyang electric fence shall not be used for cutting other non-stipulated occasions such as composting.

Safety Precautions

After half a hour of working each time, the fence cutter must allow the machine and staff to rest for 10 minutes before allowing work to continue.

Note: Before anyone can use the electric fence cutter, you must first read this operating manual.


1. Beware of electric shock! Make sure the electric fence is cut dry and away from water and rain.

2. Beware of injuries! Do not let others come near you in the workplace.

3. After the tool is closed, it will not stop working immediately! Before the blade stops working, do not put your hands or feet close to where you work!

4. Beware of eye injuries! Please wear eye protection equipment at any time!

Please check the electric fence shear carefully before use

a) Before using the electric fence scissors, check whether the appearance is abnormal.

b) The vents on the device must not be blocked under any circumstances. If you find safety devices (buttons, safety guards, etc.), and/or blade clamps are damaged or worn, it is prohibited to continue using the electric fence shears.

c) It is forbidden to remove the safety device of the equipment.

d) Before starting work, you must carefully check the area where you will work. If foreign objects are found, please remove them first. At the same time, you should pay attention to such foreign objects at any time during work to avoid affecting normal operations.

e) If you encounter obstacles during work, please turn off the machine. After removing the obstacles, check whether the electric fence shears are damaged. If necessary, it should be reported to the special repair center authorized by the company for repair.


Danger: Be careful! Beware of the blade is easy to hurt! Always unplug the electric fence trimmer before performing any maintenance work. Be careful! Watch out for damage! It is forbidden to use high-speed flowing water or water jets to clean electric fence shears (especially high pressure water jets are prohibited).

Cleaning of the lid and vents must always keep the vents clean. After every use, the weeds and mud on the cover and vent must be cleaned. Replacement of accessories: The use of non-Ruiyang-supplied or replacements and accessories is strictly prohibited. Users can order directly from the Ruiyang Customer Service Center.