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Yongkang garden tools tell you the future development direction of garden hardware and tools industry

2018-04-25 15:27:29 CLICKS

As a gathering place for hardware companies, Yongkang City has a large number of hardware and garden tools manufacturers, and it holds a large share of domestic and foreign sales. Today's technology is more and more developed, which has led to continuous innovation of garden tools. New products are more convenient and practical, and have been favored by consumers. In recent years, with the progress of society and the change of people's leisure methods, the demand for high-end garden tools is increasing day by day, becoming a new trend of market demand.

Garden tools were sold to flower gardens or exports in previous years. However, in recent years, people have entered the common people's family. Its style and color also changed the monotony of the past, adding a unique style, colorful products. The garden tools on the China Science & Technology Hardware City Park include the water spray gun, garden shears, pruning shears and lawn mowers. The products are dazzling.

Flowering, growing vegetables, etc. have become a new way of leisure for some office workers. They can not only exercise but also improve the environment and harvest harmless vegetables. This kind of labor is actually entertainment for office workers. As an entertainment, the tools to purchase a hand are inevitable. Therefore, all kinds of high-end garden tools on the hardware city market began to be hot, and the concept of many consumers has also risen from the use of fashion to sophisticated. Hu Mou, the owner of Xinda Garden Tools, said that people nowadays attach great importance to the ecological environment. Some single-family or front-yard homes all use greening as much as possible to cover the open space. For example, planting trees, planting flowers, etc., and many people like to do it themselves, not only to maintain the living environment, but also exercise. This part of consumers often do not care about product prices, they value the product brand, quality, performance, so-called high-end consumer demand for high-end products, is such a reason.

There are also many companies and units that are no longer able to use garden tools, but are pursuing easy operation, energy saving, etc. This not only avoids labor waste, but the price of high-end garden tools is more expensive than ordinary, but because of its long life, energy saving The effect is obvious, and the overall calculation does not lose. For example, a two-stroke petrol brush cutter newly introduced in the store last year not only has the characteristics of large power and strong horsepower. The diaphragm carburetor can be used to increase horsepower while effectively reducing fuel consumption. The more precise wind deflector design can effectively control the high temperature of the engine. The 40T alloy saw blade is wear-free and durable. This new product has cited many high-tech methods in its details. Therefore, even if the price is more expensive, it still can't stop consumers from enjoying it.

It is not unreasonable to have high-end garden tools nowadays. It is well-known that higher-end products definitely have more features, higher efficiency, and longer lifespan. Even if they are more expensive, they can reduce losses and labor costs. It is profitable to use high-end products. Ms. Mei, the person in charge of the Jiafeng garden tools distribution department, introduced that traditional garden tools are mostly powered by steam (chai) oil engines. They are noisy, have large vibrations, pollute the environment, and affect the health of operators. They are even less suitable for family homes. Courtyard community use.

In 2012, she introduced a large number of high-end new products. These new products boldly use new ideas and new technologies in production, overcome the above defects, and combine various functions in greening and nursing facilities. They have low labor intensity, low cost, multi-use for one machine, convenient operation, good reliability, and long lifespan. With such advantages as trimming the fence, caring for the lawn, and trimming the withered trunks of the tall landscape trees. When many companies, units, home-based companies, and property companies come to purchase, they all call for high-end garden tools.

In the past year, high-end products accounted for a large share of products sold by various garden tools dealers on the Hardware City Market. Some dealers even abandoned traditional garden tools and franchised high-end products. They said that market demand is increasingly becoming high-end, and high-end garden tools have high profits. A large-scale, high-end garden product is several times higher than a traditional model. Nowadays, since high-end products are good for selling and profits are high, they are not happy. According to insiders, today, garden tools have been developed to miniaturization. Many manufacturers have strived to make products simple and practical. They have also become more and more technological in the selection and construction of parts. They have become more versatile and have become a garden tool. Towards. These innovative garden tools are well received by the consumers in the market, and they are even more dominant in sales.