Usage Policies and Copyright Information

* What is copyright? The best answer to that question can be found here and here. If an image is copyrighted, then it's generally illegal (and impolite) to use it without the permission of the creator.

* Can I display one of your images on my website? Yes. As long as your site is a personal, non-profit/non-commercial website, then you may display some of Victoria's work. However, if you do, the image must be used "as is", which means that you cannot alter the image at all (with the exception of proportional resizing). Please do not hot-link directly to the image you want to use! Instead save that image to your own harddrive and upload it to your own webserver. Any site that displays Victoria's work must also provide a copyright notice (ie. "image copyright Victoria S. Griffin") and a link back to her website. Please limit the amount of images displayed to no more than seven (7) images.

* Can I use some of your artwork for webgraphics, signature graphics, tubes, stationary, messageboard avatars, journal icons, themes, etc.? My PSP Tubes/Stickerchick are now contracted to handle licensing and distribution of Victoria's digital images for PSP tubes. However, due to this new contract, any and all permissions that Victoria may have granted in the past for free usage of her work as tubes, signature tags, avatars, websets, web graphics, stationary, theme sets, icons, etc. are now fully revoked. The only way for you to legally use Victoria's artwork for these purposes will be by purchasing a license thru My PSP Tubes/Stickerchick. They offer both individual images or custom packages. A bonus of buying a license is that it grants you lifetime permission (in accordance with My PSP Tube's terms of use) for non-profit use of that image! Please visit their FAQ and "Terms of Use" pages for further information.

* Can I use your work for free e-cards? Yes, you may. However, please DO NOT altar the image or remove Victoria's copyright watermark from the image. Also, please provide a link back to this website.

* If I purchase a print or an original, can I reproduce it and sell the image on other products (prints, cards, cross-stitch designs, address labels, t-shirts, crafts, etc.)? No. Buying a copy (or even an original) of the image DOES NOT give you copyrights to that image. All copyrights remain with Victoria and her images are not to be used for commerical purposes unless you have either made specific arrangements to purchase the copyrights from her or have entered into a licensing contract with her to reproduce the image. If you're interested in licensing some of Victoria's work, then please email us.

* Can I use one of your images for a tattoo? Yes. As long as it's sole purpose is for a PERSONAL tattoo for yourself, then Victoria does allow this. However, commercial tattoo artists are NOT allowed to offer Victoria's images as tattoos to customers at this time.

* Can I use any of the thumbnails, background or title graphics from your site on my own website? No. These graphics are intended for use on this website only. Please do not take them or use them elsewhere.

* What do I do if I see someone violating your copyright and usage policies? Please contact us immediately and let us know about it.

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